4 tips to Stay Healthy this Sizzling Summer

We all want to stay fresh and healthy this summer through all the temptations of the festive season and the treats it brings. We also want to be able to stay in shape and look fabulous in our carefully crafted closets set out for the summer! Here is Makoya’s How to Guide to staying fit and fab.

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1 – Invest in Raw Foods (Super Foods)

Raw Foods are possibly the healthiest form of food in the entire world. They hold vital nutrients for our bodies to function at an optimal level. Cooking can add unnecessary chemicals to your body as well as leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated. Summer is the perfect time to introduce Raw Foods to your diet. Try this in the form of Salads and Smoothies. Fresh new foods for the festive season.

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2- Savour the Sunscreen

We can not stress enough about how important Sunscreen is during the sizzling months of summer. Whether you are toned to SPF 50 plus or SPF 15, always put a generous amount on ten minutes before going into the sun, whether you are working outside or enjoying a day on the beach.


3- Welter without Water

It is vital to check your water intake on a daily basis. You know the drill, the amount and the requirements your body needs to refresh the stability of moisture, after all our body is made up of water. Keep your sparkling, energetic personality alive! Here is a great way to remember to drink water, and the right amount.


4- Exercise for Energy

There is nothing better than a rush of endorphins through your body and into your soul. Find what you enjoy doing in an active manner, perhaps Kayaking? Cycling or swimming? Take that activity and channel 20 minutes of your day into that sport. You will feel better and look even better in that new summer dress.




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