A Beautiful You

Fashion for some of us is a channel to express ourselves. It acts as a platform to display parts of our personality and a lot of the time, our emotions. We aren’t conscious of it, but clothes in any form are a sense of comfort, happiness and an outlet to show our individuality. Do you remember the scene from Pretty woman, where Julia Roberts gets the full day to go shopping? Her happiness was shared on our screens and of course a fully paid shopping trip would do that for you. But did you ever take notice in the pride and pleasure she had after she chose something she thought was absolutely beautiful? People started to take notice of her in a different light to what she was used to. It was respect, adoration and complete awe. Her back straightened, her shoulders broadened and her smile became infectious. It’s a cycle we need to get involved in. Knowing you look good makes you personally feel good, which reflects in your posture, your attitude and overall image that makes you look great to the outside world and feel good inside.


The change in stance, attitude and appreciation of oneself after a makeover.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to help you show the world how fantastic you are!

1. Forget everything you see on television and in magazines with regard to the perfect body image. Yes we have read this before, but you need to get rid of this self destruction habit and switch off negative Nancy that keeps harping on at you all day. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself what you like about your body. Really look. Even if it is the shape of your eyebrows, your curly hair, your witty comments or your hourglass figure. Keep telling yourself these points every single day before you get dressed in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. There are plenty of people who love you, and they are seeing things that the rest of the world must see, but your confidence hides it


Paris Hilton always looks out for herself when it comes to fashion and the public eye. This is not a form of vanity, it is taking pride in oneself. This creates confidence.


2. If you want to change, find out who you are changing for. If there is something you don’t like about your appearance or a personality trait that you want to change, find out the real reason, is it something you generally want to change or is it to get the approval of others. If it is a weight goal, a character ‘flaw’ or a new fashion style that you want to adopt because someone told you you are too overweight, or you are too outspoken you need to quieten down; it will never last. Do something for you, because you are the only person that will get you through it and help you succeed.


Betty in Ugly Betty never changed herself for anyone, she kept her confidence about her, took pride in herself and shined like a star.


3.Smile. Show off your pearly whites, it’s as simple as that. Your mind actually takes cues from your body. So if you are the girl that gets stuck in traffic, start smiling. Turns out smiling releases serotonin, so if you force a smile you will literally be happier. Happier people ooze confidence making us more attractive and improving our self esteem.


Your smile is infectious.


4.Take pride every day. There are some days when you feel like wearing a hoodie and tracksuit pants but those days must be reserved to you and your loved ones. Try putting in that extra effort to make sure your hair is clean, your clothes are ironed and your mascara isn’t smudged so that you are looking and feeling your absolute best.


No matter what Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing, she always takes pride in herself and pulls off the most elaborate of outfits with her confidence and hard work.


5.Be aware of your posture. If you could spot an unconfident person, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to call out the people based on how they are standing. Keep your chin up, your shoulders back, and try never break eye contact. Small changes can make the world of a difference.


You have the right to love yourself through your choices and confidence.


Celebrate yourself this summer through your confidence and self pride and see how it changes your life!


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Sources via: Meet Anais and Hollywoodlife.com



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